Who, What, Why?

Well, here we are! Phylicia tries again to start [and hopefully maintain] a blog journaling her daily relationships with Wellness.

What is wellness? Google answers, “the state or condition of being in good physical and mental health.” Let’s begin with that and add/modify as we learn more.

Why are we here?! Well, I’m sure I’ve no idea what led you to this blog, but I’m here to record my successes and failures [and whatever lay in between] along my Wellness Journey. I was going to refer to it as “my path to wellness”, but I find it rather helpful to think of Wellness as being the path itself, rather than the goal or the destination.

You may have guessed already, but allow me to introduce myself; hi, I’m Grace, the author and narrator of this blog. To my grammar-loving readers, I apologize in advance for overusing semicolons and brackets, and for writing occasionally in the third person; it’s inconsistent and confusing and therefore probably annoying, but sometimes I just can’t help myself. There are times when I speak of Depressed Phylicia, the Mr. Hyde to my Dr. Jekyll, whom I consider a separate entity in accordance with advice from multiple mental health professionals and at least two Psychology textbooks. Also in accordance with these resources, you’ll find that much of this blog consists of thought-monitoring and applicable behavior modification goals.

Is this a sufficient introduction?

I’d like to add a daily aspect to this thing and I’ve decided on a Daily Appreciation. One thing I actively appreciated today was public transportation. I took the 43 from campus to the Walgreen’s near my house where I returned some eyeliner and a Vick’s inhaler. The bus provides a convenience for a small fee [that I admittedly forego on occasion] and that’s pretty cool. It’s especially “cool” when getting from Point A to Point B is more a necessity than a convenience.

In my defense:


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