When? “Nothing happens without a plan”

Now! Now! Now!

What are you doing right now? Writing this, eating oatmeal, and listening to the Eagles. But! I am also fixing up my resume and researching internships and volunteer opportunities and upcoming 5k races in San francisco. The first thing my financial planning professor said to our class was “nothing happens without a plan”. So I’m making plans! I leave for two weeks in Hawaii with the family I work for on Saturday, will get paid nicely for this and won’t have to stress about money too much when I get back to California. I’m spending NYE in West Hollywood with my best friends, then heading to San Diego for a week with family, and topping it all off with my childhood best friend’s wedding. I’m stoked, obviously, but also very excited for everything that will set in motion when I return in three weeks. On this bout of gallivanting I am going to send out job applications, sign up for a June half marathon, and research women’s outreach programs in SF. So! By the time I return, I will have hella plans! And hopefully a job. A job would be ideal.20161215_115836

Okay so much just happened. I left my house to get coffee upstairs and then leave for the library when what should arrive but a package from my Aunt! It’s a legit care package guys and today is now the best. Y’all even if it had just been a card this would absolutely have made my day. It’s so nice to be thought of! BUT in addition to the thoughtfully sweet Christmas card were a notepad and matching 2017 planner, a “questionnaire keepsake” journal, a “pocket book of positives”, a novel, and an eyeshadow pallet. The questionnaire and the book of positives will definitely have a place in this blog; I’m very excited about these. Immediately sent gushing thank you texts and let her know that she made my day and finally it feels like Christmas time.

ALSO, a friend texted me to let me know that his manager’s organization is looking for an intern! The organization is DOPE guys. Basic needs for women and people experiencing homelessness. Have you ever wondered how women deal with menstruation when they don’t have a home, a bathroom, access to [the very expensive] sanitary products that make our monthly plight bearable? Well, this woman has. And she is doing something about it and it is beautiful and she is a beautiful human. The homeless population has steadily declined nationally, but continues rising in this, the nation’s wealthiest and most expensive city. What’s a woman to do? Do you have any idea how much tampons and pads cost? I am very excited about this. If I don’t get the internship you will still hear from me about this; they take volunteers too! Just sent her an email but she is traveling so I will keep you posted!

Today is payday so I am paying my credit card bill and sending money into my tiny but still worthy retirement fund, which feels productive and adult. I walked through the rain to the bank, made my deposit, hopped a few doors down and picked up a pair of socks and a dope book for Cat’s bday, and grabbed a little Hemingway from the library for myself. I should be able to finish I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings this afternoon. It feels VERY good to leave my half-underground apartment, even in the rain. The red and yellow leaves look brighter and the flowers fuller and happier today. My umbrella broke but I’m okay with it. Jack’s mom says that some people walk in the rain and some just get wet; I want to be the former.

Daily Appreciation: Today, I walked past the house that my neighbor is remodeling. They replaced the roof a while ago and I thought, it’s a great day to have a roof. Indeed, isn’t always? So today and everyday, I appreciate my roof. I appreciate the people in my life who would never allow me to go without a roof. Y’all the real MVP’s.

❤ ta-ta for now,



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