People Who Care


In a Lyft on my way to a friend’s birthday gathering, I realized I’d forgotten my wallet and asked to get out of the car early. We were about six blocks from my house and the rain had mostly subsided so I figured the walk home would be perfectly manageable. As I crossed the street I noticed a car pull up and hesitated. The car slowed at the stop sign, so I continued. The headlights approached, I put both hands out in front of me. Then I was on the ground and my vision went black. I know what it means to “see stars”. Remember Microsoft Paint? My favorite thing to do was paint the canvas black, then use the spraypaint feature to create what looked like a scene of fireworks.

The driver helped into his passenger seat and I asked him to drive me home. Once we arrived I tried to open the door to the garage but I couldn’t remember the code that I enter a dozen times a day. When I turned to walk up the steps to Rupa and Sameer’s, the driver left. Sameer took me to UCSF’s ER and after a long wait I was given a gown and a gurney in the hallway. One doctor came and evaluated me and concluded that I seemed banged up but fine enough to go home. A white coat followed and said that was not the case. I needed to stay for observation for six hours or get a CT scan. I stayed and Rupa and Sarina’s mom came to relieve Sameer. She slept sitting upright in a chair beside me in the ER hallway. I was released around 4am I think.

Today Sameer had the police come and fill out a report for me. He also contacted the legal teams at both Lyft and Uber. Two of Sarina’s cousins texted to check in on me. Several friends texted. My mom of course called several times, and my dad even called once.

Today I am grateful to people who care. I am grateful to everyone who took time last night and today to care for me and about me. I’m okay. I have a concussion, a scraped and swollen hip, a stiff neck and a sore knee. No broken bones and no need for a CT scan. The doctor even cleared me to travel.

Ta ta for now,



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