Nightmares in Paradise

blogFour days til Christmas and yo girl’s having nightmares. Nothing car-specific, except for several people getting shot in the backseat of a hatchback. Still, very likely a result of my accident. I almost never have bad dreams so two nights of bloody images is probably significant. Thoughts related to death and dying have become less frequent since upping my SSRI. I think getting hit by a car may have set me back a bit there. We are working on it though! Still practicing mindfulness and thought monitoring/modification.

I have some time to myself this morning, which is nice. Writing you from the hotel room. Portuguese surf competition on the TV, bright blue skies and calm waters outside. Might have to go for another swim today. Should be working on my cover letter for Meghan @SimplytheBasics, but finding myself very intimidated by this task. Jack offered to look over my cover letter and resume before I send them in but I think I may be even more concerned with his opinions than hers. Still trying to figure out why I’m so intimidated by him.

Yesterday and today have been more foggy-brained than I’d like. I’ll try to catch my mom on her lunch break this afternoon. I wish I could chat with Jack over the phone. I think I’d find conversation with him a bit easier that way. Not sure he’s into that though. Trying to give hime some space. Trying to avoid forcing myself onto him. Wish me luck!

Ta-ta for now,

❤ Grace

Daily Appreciation: Sunshine


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