Back home in SF and feeling pretty good about it. I spent last night with Jack and it. was. fantastic. Was a bit worried for a moment that I might’ve caught my grandma’s flu, but quickly realized that my throat was just scratchy from smoking. Jack had an interview this morning that didn’t go as he’d hoped and I was faced with my inability to be comforting in shitty situations that can’t really be helped. I know how much it once meant to him so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’ll go his way. Rooting for his happiness and success.20170109_100228

Met up with Alex this afternoon for coffee. Always good to see him. He seems happy.

I have a couple canine clients booked this week and a couple days scheduled at the market, so the coming weeks shouldn’t be as financially stressful as the weeks leading up to the holidays were. My emails with Meghan have been super positive. Meghan is a lovely human and Simply the Basics is beautiful and so important. Peep their mission statement:
“The Mission of Simply the Basics is to provide for individuals, organizations, and communities their most basic needs with dignity so that they can focus on bigger goals. We simply remove barriers, allowing people to have the opportunity to achieve.”

They empower people. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Feeling high on life today.


❤ Grace


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