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Finally made it out to Yoga to the People and it was everything I’d hope it would be. I made it in time for the 10am class. The studio is large, with panoramic windows and wood floors. The instructor reminded us to be mindful of our bodies, to pay attention to our breath, to snapchat-1494379213take breaks and adjust as needed. Pretty good advice. So I spent an hour with my body and my breath, with beginners and serious yogis and everyone in between. Everyone moved at their own pace. I was comfortable.

Before I left for YtP I read through my old posts and was reminded of my resolution to monitor my thoughts and modify my behavior. I’ve definitely gotten better at this; taking a more appropriate dose of antidepressants helps. Let’s bring that back to the front lines! It’s so easy to lose sight of your progress when the clouds roll in. So! What shall we do about it? Practice radical self-care. That is, doing the things essential to both our short and long-term wellbeing. Radical self-care is taking a break when you need to and it’s doing things that you enjoy, but it’s also pushing through and doing what you need to do to keep your mind and body healthy. Radical self-care is surviving and thriving in the face of very real obstacles like mental illness.
Radical self-care is taking care of yourself before tending to others (especially radical for people who are more likely to give of themselves to their family, community, etc., and for people who are not white/cis/male. See: black women and parents/caregivers). It is paying the bills on time, getting up instead of hitting snooze, going outside when you want to stay in bed all day, eating foods that will nourish your body, and surrounding yourself with people who encourage and empower you. These, of course, are mostly personal examples. Everyone cares for and loves themselves in their own way.

The fog has not fully lifted yet but getting out, breathing the fresh air, seeing other humans, sweating and getting some endorphins flowing was certainly helpful. Now, I’m going to put a little makeup on because I feel damn good when I step out having put some effort into my appearance.


❤ Grace


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