Dailies and Sugar

So today I spoke with my shrink – I’ve been seeing her since that fateful year off from school – and per usual, she had some great life advice to go along with the “how are things” routine. Finances and education and my own obsessive fear of stagnation are the biggest stressors in my life. Today she suggested that I put some effort in to my top priorities every day. Normally I’d roll my eyes at any “do it every day” advice, what with all the websites, books and ads constantly telling us all the things we should be doing daily, but I’m actually a fan of this one. It makes sense and it’s not unreasonable. Today’s financial advancement efforts consisted of designing some doggy-boarding business cards that I’ll start handing out to clients and potential clients. As soon as I finish writing this I’ll look up UC Berkeley’s Admission office hours and see if I can set up an appointment online. Doing something every day should really help ease my “not where I should be in life” anxiety.

I have a coffee interview with the founder of the nonprofit I’ve talked about a few times now. Planning on reading everything on their website until I’ve memorized all of it. I also now know two people who see her regularly so I’ll pick their brains for advice this weekend. Feeling pretty positive about it though; perhaps because I can still get involved even if I don’t get the internship.

My last entry was all about bringing self-care and mindfulness back to the front lines. Trying to follow through with this despite the fog. I bought some produce today and wrote the Yoga to the People hours in to my planner. Today was better than yesterday; I was more patient with the kids and I made better choices when it came time to eat. I suspect that coffee might be feeding my bad days, so I’m going to experiment with switching to tea for two weeks. Will let you know what, if anything happens! Also trying to reduce my intake of foods with added sugars. Not necessarily going to stop having the occasional dessert, but trying to avoid the excess sugars in things like breads, sauces, and snacks. There’s a lot of heart disease and diabetes in my family and I’d really like to avoid adding those to my chart for as long as I can.

Anywho, on the subject of health, I currently feel like I’m catching a cold. So off I go to take some vitamins and hit the sheets early.


❤ Grace


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