Night Cap

For the first time in quite a while, after putting the boys to bed, I sat with their parents and we talked over a few glasses of wine. We talked about the foreseeable future, and agreed that we’d like very much to maintain the status quo. My heart is full. I love this family. I love this city. I love my friends here. Sometimes I wonder if I might like to live in a house with roommates. I definitely would like a place with more natural light. Getting better at getting out though.

Anywho, the good news is that my mental wellness is at a pleasant high right now. I’m also being very good about taking all my vitamins and prescriptions each morning. I clean part of my house each day, get a walk or a yoga class, or an exercise video in several times each week. I feel good about my body when my muscles are sore. I feel less anxiety when I put some time into job searching, school searching, finance building, etc. I’ve been practicing positive self-talk and I think it’s working. The kids’ parents suggested that every time I think of something I’m good at, I should write it down. Going to give it a shot because if you were to ask me what I’m good at, I’d have to think long and hard before I could come up with an answer.

I think seeing Jack last night carried over into my mood today. His presence is uplifting.

My heart is full.


❤ Grace


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