I haven’t felt this good about myself in ages. Mentally, things are better than ever. Physically, I think I may have the flu, and I fell down the stairs this morning. *Kanye shrug* At least I didn’t hit my head this time.

Last night I received an urgent last-minute dog boarding request. I accepted and the man showed up with the dog, and only the dog. He came with no leash, no food, nothing. dorothy-height-quotes-11492Thankfully I do have extra supplies, but it was really bizarre. Generally people drop their dogs off with a bag full of the basics as well as toys and treats. The dog is very easygoing though and is getting along fine with my neighbor’s dog Oliver, who is also staying with me for a few days. Who knows, maybe their presence will be so uplifting that I’ll recover relatively quickly. Practicing self-care works wonders too of course.

I start my internship with Simply the Basics on February 1st, and I cannot wait! It’s so good to feel a part of something bigger than myself again, to feel of useful and active in my community. It makes no sense to be in a position to do something about the suffering of your community, and to choose to do nothing. Anywho, we can revisit all the philosophical thought behind charity and community service another time. For now, I am off to take my vitamins and meds, stretch a bit, and get off to the market for some fresh air, socializing, and work.


❤ Grace


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