On the Up n Up

Okay so I’m already feeling much better, mentally at least. I successfully resisted texting Jack yesterday. This is a big deal for me because I get a bit obsessive when I’m feeling depressed, especially over my romantic relationships. He didn’t reach out to me either and I didn’t lose my mind over it. I’m getting better at overriding my depression when it comes to decision-making and thinking logically. *knock on wood*

This morning was the usual with the kids. I had some oatmeal and half a bagel – enough to take my meds and vitamins without getting nauseated. Had a cup of coffee and prepped the kids’ stuff for their afternoon martial arts classes, so I won’t have to worry about that later today. Now I’m cleaning house. The window is open even though it’s raining; the air purifier is running full tilt and I’m washing all of my bedding. I’m taking Zinc now in an additional attempt to kick this insane cold.

Tomorrow is my second volunteer group with Simply the Basics. Last time we had a record number of volunteers and this time we’re down to a cozy eight people, which means less chaos. I have some reading material from Meghan that I’ll go over later while the kids are
in their classes.

I’m going to try some easy yoga flows and light exercises today despite my cold. Exercise makes an enormous difference in my day-to-day mental health so avoiding it lately has been decidedly unhelpful.c34274e34e286cd42c9d0aba0c1f2842

I went to an information session last night with Larkin Street Youth Services. Super solid agency. Hoping to add this my volunteer activity. Cat may also start working with LSYS. They are apparently pretty selective about their volunteers, which is great. Catherine set this LSYS information session up for us which a.) showed me that someone is thinking of me and wants to do things with me b.) got me out of the house and into a group of people when I would other20122f122f042f792fpresidentba-b4vwise have stayed home and gone to bed early. I can’t stress enough how helpful it is to hear from friends and family. When I’m falling into my depression, nothing is more uplifting or encouraging than receiving a phone call, email or anything from friends or family. My grandpa called me a week ago and, even though he was clearly a few beers in, it made my night. My mom and sister call me more often than anyone else and it’s heartwarming every single time, even when we don’t have anything to talk about.

Going to try to reach out more. Especially to my grandparents. I bought a pack of blank cards and I’m going to start sending letters to old friends and family that I don’t see often.

These days I’m…
Reading: Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides
Listening to: Ratatat radio on Spotify
Watching: Arrested Development with Jack
Taking: Sertraline, basic Multi-Vitamin, Vitamin C supplement, Zinc supplement, Wal-zyr, and Melatonin just before bed. The Melatonin is definitely temporary, but it seems to help with the sleeplessness brought on by incessant coughing.
Playing: Dots on my phone, Uno with the kids, Sudoku before bed
Applying: to USF, for financial aid, for part-time jobs

Take care of yourselves ❤




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