On Second Thought

What’s wrong with “for now”? This whole thing is about being more present! We demonize instant gratification [and with good reason] but we have to give in sometimes or else we live our lives entirely for the past or for the future and that’s insane. Everything in moderation right? Future preparation and “gratification-for-now” alike. I don’t need Jack to promise me a future. We’re in our mid-twenties and don’t know what we want for ourselves. So why not enjoy him now? Just for now?

I’m not always good at finding the middle ground when it comes to my own issues. But I can get my life together (namely get my degree, straighten out my finances, and decide on what tf I want in the future) and enjoy the benefits Jack’s prepared to share with me, all right now. Why. Not.

Take care of yourselves


❤ Grace


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