And Now

What a series the past few days have been!

I spoke briefly with Patrick the Healer last night. He is interesting. People I trust, admire and respect very much, believe he is everything that he says he is. So when given the opportunity to do so, I ask for his guidance as well as theirs. He said that he would give me the clarity of mind when I open communication with Columbia, to know what I want with my future. I’ll let you know how my first conversation with the university goes, and what clarity I find in it.

Hoping to find the willpower to go to yoga today. This is also TBD.

Or maybe a long walk instead. It should be cold and a bit cloudy, but sunny enough. I’m in my basement apartment now and I know I can’t stay here another hour without inviting the fog.

Tonight I’m going to see Get Out with three friends, one of them new.

I think I was mistaken when I said I felt less sad. I’ve just resurrected my old walls.

Take care of yourselves


❤ Grace


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