And Now

What a series the past few days have been! I spoke briefly with Patrick the Healer last night. He is interesting. People I trust, admire and respect very much, believe he is everything that he says he is. So when given the opportunity to do so, I ask for his guidance as well as theirs. He said … Continue reading And Now


Revised Benefits

Well that didn't last long. If this goes south, I'll know it was my own damn fault. But now we are "exclusive" friends with benefits and he apparently doesn't talk to his ex about feelings and "[doesn't] plan to start". He says they don't talk often and when they do it's just small talk. I'd … Continue reading Revised Benefits

Hierarchy of Needs: Status Update

Okay, no more of this nonsense. Let's get back to wellness! Cold, infection, or whatever notwithstanding. Remember Maslow and his handy pyramid? Here: Physiological Needs: Breathing is cool, if slightly impeded by whatever sickness I've got going on recently. Food and water are always covered, thanks to the folks I work for as well as … Continue reading Hierarchy of Needs: Status Update