Airport Musings

Finally crawling out of the fog. Feeling pretty okay today. Still coughing so at this point I'm convinced it's an infection. Will try again to get a primary doc on Monday. Probably not going to kick this without antibiotics. Anywho, I'm currently in the airport, two hours early. Greece was just invaded again in my … Continue reading Airport Musings


Hierarchy of Needs: Status Update

Okay, no more of this nonsense. Let's get back to wellness! Cold, infection, or whatever notwithstanding. Remember Maslow and his handy pyramid? Here: Physiological Needs: Breathing is cool, if slightly impeded by whatever sickness I've got going on recently. Food and water are always covered, thanks to the folks I work for as well as … Continue reading Hierarchy of Needs: Status Update

Requesting Recommendations

Generally, when I'm not in school I feel like my brain is melting. I implore you, please help me avoid intellectual atrophy. Leave any recommendation at all that you find thought-provoking. Any books, articles, songs, paintings, podcasts, movies that you find worthy of critical thought or careful consideration. I appreciate anything and everything. All my … Continue reading Requesting Recommendations